Jun 12, 2014

Not your average Father's Day T-shirt!

It is so exciting when a baby arrives, there are new emotions, new things to do, excitement about being a mom and a dad, the joy of a new life.  And of course, excitement about the many crafts you can do with your babies as they grow and learn.
Fathers Day is especially a biggie with the personalised T-shirts always being a sure winner! We had made a similar shirt to the one I am going to show when I only had two kids (Sophia was 2 and Rochus was 8 months or so).  The t-shirt was much loved and I am sad to say it isn't in great condition anymore but oh joy, the kids and I got to create a new one - we used the same wording but this time had to put the footprints on the back.  Who'd have thunk their feet were so big now compared to the itsy bitsy ones of a baby and a 2 year old!

See, look how happy the kiddos Dad is with his new T-shirt! He wears it with pride and gets a lot of chuckles from everyone!  And the kids are so proud of their footprints on Dad!

Here's what you will need:

1 plain T-shirt
Fabric paint and paintbrush
Iron-on letters and iron
Bucket of water and towel

I prewashed and then ironed the T-shirt to get any wrinkles out. Its important to have as flat a surface as possible for the footprints.  I got each child one by one and painted the bottom of their foot and then placed it carefully on the T-shirt.  Its important to have an idea where you want to place the footprint ahead of time and practice with the kiddo first too because as you know they can get quite wiggly! especially when you are tickling their foot with a paintbrush! I also kept a bucket of water and a towel handy to immediately wash their foot after the printing as I really didn't want to be cleaning paint off the hardwood!

I was quite impressed with how the kids handled it and what a great job they did  - they were pretty excited to be doing this for their Dad!

Two sets of footprints down, one set to go.

After all the footprints are done lay the T-shirt somewhere away from little hands to dry.

Next is the lettering - I chose flocked letters which I purchased from Michaels - just follow the instructions on the package and away you go.

How great and professional does that look? and it didn't cost too much either.

And here he is again - the Happiest Dad in the world even though his kids walk all over him!

Happy Fathers Day to all the awesome Dad's out there! You all Rock!
Much Love
Quin xo

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