Jun 2, 2014

Create your own wrapping paper and sleep in!

Are your kids early risers? And does it always seem to happen at the weekends that they are up at the crack of dawn? Mine are definitely little monkeys and without fail every Saturday they are up by 7am! And some days I wish I could get just another hour of sleep especially on Saturday mornings!  Read on to see how I got an extra hour of sleep ;o)

We had a really busy birthday party month in May and I decided we would not only make our own birthday cards but also our own wrapping paper (with the intent that we, the parents, would get to sleep in for an extra hour!).  I wanted to set something up for the kiddos where they could just sit and be creative for at least one hour and it worked!  So late on Friday night I set up the dining table with plain old brown wrapping paper, put out an assortment of stickers and colouring utensils and chuckled to myself as I was about to get an hour of extra sleep on Saturday morning! Hallelujah!

By the way I should mention before I sent the kids off to bed, I let them know of my plan - there would be a very large piece of paper on the dining room table with lots of stickers and crayons and pens and if they woke up early (before 8am) they could go downstairs and create their very own wrapping paper to their hearts content! My kids love crafts and colouring - so it was a pretty big deal for them to do this unsupervised! and boy, it worked! Yes, I kid you not, I did not get out of bed till 8am-ish (Hallelujah!) and they did such a wonderful job don't you think?
So here's to you Mom's and Dad's out there looking for that extra hour - go for it, its heavenly! Get to it and have a couple of Saturdays of good old sleep!

What you will need:

Plain old boring brown (or white) wrapping paper (I purchased mine form www.well.ca for only $3.99 for a 30inches x 20ft roll which equals lots of sleep-ins!)
Lots of colouring utensils
Lots of stickers
Note: I stayed away from messy stuff like glue, paints, stamps as these definitely require supervision and I did not want to wake up to a big mess!)

Lay out your paper on a large surface - I used my dining table (you could also use the floor)

The night before, instruct the kids to NOT wake up Mommy and Daddy in the morning and to go straight downstairs to create their very own wrapping paper. Trust me, it works, even if it keeps the kids busy for half an hour it is so worth it for that extra sleep!

Look at this creativity from my 7 year old!

Loving their artwork :o)

And from my 3 year old - unique wrapping paper!

 Beautiful unique wrapping paper AND a rested Mom and Dad - what a great start to a weekend!

All wrapped up!

I have found that homemade cards are a big hit at kids birthday parties, and the homemade wrapping paper was just as huge a hit! Lots of comments and smiles from the other Moms and birthday kiddos!  My kiddos were so proud (as was I and I willingly shared my sneaky plan with the other Moms who were thrilled and thankful!).

Enjoy and sleep well!
Much Love
Quin xo




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    1. Thanks Carmody! The kids had so much fun creating it!

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