May 4, 2014

Crafting with Clothespins Part 2: Plant pot chair / toy chair

Hello my lovelies! Its Sunday and time for me to share my next craft - it is so rewarding to do this craft because it can be given to literally anyone on your list: Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, Kids, Teachers, Friends....see its an endless list of possibilities!

This is another one from my younger days (ahem which wasn't too long ago ;o) lol). I am not sure why I made these, whether it was something I saw on TV, made in school, I just cannot seem to remember the reason - it doesn't really matter though because I totally remember how to make these chairs - and yes, all you need are clothespins and glue gun and off you go!

I love crafting with clothespins, there is so much you can do with these darn things - not just for drying clothes! Remember my sailboat craft using clothespins - how fun and cute was that?! Here's the link in case you want to see it again:

And here are the lovely clothespin chairs - just beautiful and what Mom would not love to get one of these on Mother's Day, complete with plant pot and a growing seed? Now isn't that symbolic of a Mother's love? A Mother's love always grows and never falters!

The kiddos and I ended up making 3 - collectively known as the three bears chairs! The yellow chair uses the regular size clothes pins whereas the smaller chairs use the craft size ones.  The plant pot we used was a small terracotta pot that we painted white and added pretty little yellow flowers on the rim!

Want to make some of your own? Here's what you will need:

Clothespins (any size) - seperated into individual pieces

Glue gun
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
Plant pot that will fit on the size of chair you are making
Potting Soil and a seed!  (or use artificial/handmade flowers if you like)

Starting at the base of the chair - glue together three clothes pins as shown below (make 2 sets).  The bottom can be varied to also look like the yellow chair.

Next attach clothes pins to the base as shown here:

Now attach a piece to each base pieces as shown here, this helps to stabilize the sides of the chair and attach another piece to create the back of the chair:

Attach the two base pieces together using clothes pin to make a square:

Time for some arms - glue clothespin as shown here:

Give the chair more height at the back by adding another piece of clothespin to the back:

And now finish off the back- I chose to glue the clothespins horizontally but you could also glue them vertically to give a different look.

And there you have it! One chair all glued and ready to be finished!

As I started to paint my chair, I realised I had left out one important part - a base for the saucer of the plant pot to sit on to catch any excess water when watering your plant!  Which doesn't really matter if you chose artificial flowers! So here's what you have to do - add two more clothes pins  as shown here:

Paint your finished chair and a pot - add some cute painted flowers and you have a finished plant pot chair made from clothespin! How crazy, yet adorable is that?!

The kids loved these so much that they literally begged me to make them a set for their teddy bear tea parties!  I will definitely share this with you another day including a clothespin table but for now lets stick with chairs!
Of course I did chat with the kids about how fragile the chairs might be and not to throw them around but I have a feeling the kids will be extra careful with there new cherished chairs!

I would love to hear how your chairs turned out and how delighted Mom (or who you gave it to) was!

As always, questions and comments are welcomed!

Much love
Quin xo

Woot Woot my little planter chair was featured on Sugar Bee crafts - how cool is that?! 
Sugar Bee Crafts   livelaughlinky 250x250

Make It and Love It

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