May 7, 2014

Boy's (or girl's) dinosaur birthday party ideas

I thought I would share with you today the dinosaur party we had for Rochus last year in case it can give you some inspiration for creating a prehistoric one for your own little dinosaur lover.
I've always found it strange how these giant scary mean looking things are LOVED by kids? I don't get it - personally I am terrified and would never want to run into one lol (Thank goodness they're not around anymore!).  I remember watching Jurassic Park and being terrified (I was quite young though maybe early 20's  ahem!!).  My kids have watched Jurassic Park over and over again - we have been to the Dinosaurs Live exhibit at The Calgary Zoo and also to Jurassic Forest near Edmonton, oh and to The dinosaur museum in Drumheller and these kiddos cannot seem to get enough of these giant lizards!  So it was only fitting that we had a dinosaur party.

Here are the things we did to make the party ROAR!!!! And that's exactly what the kids did - they had a roaring good time - I even have a picture of the kids at the party shouting "Roar" at the top of their lungs - such an awesome memory for my 5 year old to have!

1. Party Invitations
I have to admit when I came up with "prehistoric parents" I did chuckle (I'm pretty sure the other parents who read this chuckled a bit too!) - it was just too cute not to put in!

I found free dinosaur printables on line and copied them into a word document, added the wording, printed it off (about 4 to a letter size page) and glued them onto a piece of card.  Rochus wanted to use dinosaur coloured paper so we had red, yellow, green, and orange cardstock.
We also found some dinosaur stickers at Michaels (but I did see them at the local dollar store too), and Rochus enjoyed sticking them to the front of his invitation - he loved creating his handmade invitations!

2. Party Decorations
I found this great inflatable dinosaur online at Nothing But Dinosaurs and we put one in the front yard to greet guests - it was kinda like having our very own pet Dino!  It was great because the kids played with it after the party as well.

Wall decoration - I found a free printable for a dinosaur skeleton online and sketched the individual bones onto the back of shiny sticky foam  (I had bought a bunch at Christmas from the dollar store), and then stuck them on a large piece of cardstock (we chose black card to highlight the skeleton).  It turned out really well and doubled as a wall hanging in Rochus's room after the party!

Other decorations we used were paper ribbons and paper bag flowers.  Did I tell you I am a Martha Stewart fan? I am a HUGE fan of her's and the paper bag flowers can be found on her website here:
And these paper bag flowers are so easy and look stunning - you can even collapse them and save them for other parties!

Sophia, Rochus and Pietr also made a Jurassic forest park in the back yard using their dino toys.  Luckily my veggie patch was not started yet so no vegetables were harmed in the making of the park! LOL!
I have to admit they did a great job and it was a great attraction at the party!

3. Birthday cake
We decided to do a fairly plain cake with fondant figures on top and went with really bright colours! I have an admiration for people who bake cakes and decorate them.  I like to think I can pretty much do anything I set my mind to but for some reason cake decorating stumps me!  I don't know how they do it but each and every time the cakes look Fab!  Our cakes were made by Sweet Treats in Calgary and Lara did a rockin job as always!

4. Party games

Pin the tail on the donkey??
You know how they have pin the tail on the donkey? Well this idea I came up was a hoot and so much fun for the partiers (is that a word? lol) - it helps if you are good at drawing freehand or maybe you have someone in the family/friends who could do this for you?
I used a large piece of black cardstock again, and drew an image of a giant T-Rex head I had found online with some chalk - I drew everything except for the top teeth. Next, I used a paintbrush to go over the sketch with glow-in-the-dark paint (purchased from Michaels).  I went over the sketch about 3 times just to make sure it would glow in the dark!

Next I painted a small piece of white cardstock with glow in the dark paint and then cut it up to resemble dinosaur teeth! Tada you see where we're heading? Yep, you got it it's "Pin the Teeth on the Dinosaur!"
So, on the party day, with a blindfold on, the kids were given a tooth (I placed double sided tape on the back of the tooth) and away he/she went pinning the tooth on the dinosaur!  This was a huge hit! They loved it when they were spot on and laughed when they stuck the tooth somewhere silly!

Can you see where all the teeth ended  Not bad for 5 year olds!

This was also hung on the wall in Rochus's room after the party and yep, it really did glow and was so cool at night!

Pinata: No party is complete without a pinata - so we bought a dinosaur one (from Bulk Barn, they also sell them at Party City).  You know how there's always a mad rush when the pinata breaks and there are grabby hands everywhere??? and there are always the little kids who end up with one or two candies and huge upside down smiles on their faces?  I decided I didn't want that this year, so I made individual bags for each child attending the party and stuffed the pinata with the bags.  And yes there was a mad rush when the pinata broke but everybody was smiling because they all had the same amount of goodies!

Dinosaur Egg: Sophia and Rochus also helped me make dinosaur eggs - we used the coloured modelling clay, put a small dinosaur inside an egg shaped piece of clay and let it dry.  The eggs were to be used for a dinosaur egg hunt (kinda like an Easter Egg hunt) but for whatever reason I totally dropped the ball on this at Rochus's party - so I had to hand them out instead! But the kids still enjoyed breaking their eggs to see what was inside!
The plan was for the kids to use their toy binoculars (purchased from Michaels last year) to seek out the eggs and find the one with their name on it (having the name on the egg is a great way to ensure everyone hunts for their egg and not just pick up the first one they see!).
Sorry for some reason I have no pictures of the lovely eggs.. :o(  but if you have any questions about them, please do email me!

5. When your guests arrive
Not everyone turns up at the same time to a party right? So for the last few parties I have the kids decorate their goody bag (to keep their party favours and pinata goodies in) - these are just the coloured paper bags from the dollar store and I have stickers on hand for the kids to decorate their bag with.

Tattoos are also a great hit for those who prefer one sticker on their bag (lol).

6. Party favours
The dinosaur egg fossil (which includes the small toy dinosaur)
Dinosaur Tattoos
Dinosaur activity book

It was a pretty busy party, we had over 15 kids but everybody had fun and said they loved it!
I asked Rochus and Sophia what they liked best and they said: we loved the pinata, oh and the pin the teeth on the dinosaur, ooooh and the eggs, the cake was soo yummy....and on and on....
I had to laugh because they were pretty much listing everything! That's when you know they had a great time!

Have fun creating your own dinosaur party for your little paleontologist! I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions as well so please leave a comment below and I promise I will reply!

Much love
Prehistoric Quin ;o) xo

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