Apr 13, 2014

Yikes I can't believe I am going ahead with my dream of not only being a writer but following my passion of being creative and sharing my ideas! So here goes.....wish me luck :o)...I Love That Mom explained......

Okay so I thought long and hard about the name I was going to give my blog.  All sorts ran through my head and each time I'd check on the web, my joy turned to gloom as name after name was taken.  But then I did a craft with the kids and they said "I love that Mom" and that's how it came about.  So if you are thinking for a name for your blog don't give up hope - it will hit you in the blink of an eye just when you least expect it!

Another reason I stuck with this name is that I have so many Moms in my life, my own Mom, friends who are Moms and all the Mom bloggers I religiously follow which gave the blog a second meaning to me and says how much I love the other Moms "I love that Mom".

I am just bursting with ideas I have done in the past, passed on to me from my Mom, things I have seen in the store that I just have to make myself (and it helps to keep little ones busy!), and new ideas that just pop into my head!

SO this is the official "Welcome to I Love That Mom Blog" - I hope you will enjoy, please do ask questions and please leave comments! I love comments!

Much Love
Quin xo

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