Apr 12, 2014

Repurposing a canvas print

In our old house these canvas pictures worked well with the colours we had.  I actually picked them up for $5 each from a liquidation store and thought, wow what a steal!  (Told you I am frugal a shopper!).  Never did I think I would repurpose them!

Here`s a picture of the original canvas (oops I forgot to add it when I first posted this).  I bet you`re saying, now I know why it was only $5!! To my credit, it did look great in our old house :o):

So fast forward a few years, we are in a new house and a totally different colour scheme and these once prized purchases were sitting in the basement collecting dust waiting for our garage sale this Summer....

And then I remembered the blank canvases I had painted for Rochus`s room (/2014/04/decorating-with-removable-wall-stickers.html).....and an idea was born.  Sophia was due for some wall decorations and her sixth birthday was coming up fast.  I had a beautiful grey paint (from a previous renovation) that I knew would be just great for this new idea.

Here is the finished product! Don`t you just love it?! And it takes no time at all to create!  The best thing was this beautiful canvas ended up doing double duty - first as a wall decoration for Sophia`s Princesses and Knights birthday party and then ended up in her room and boy did it look great in there!

What you will need:

Old canvases for repurposing (or new if you have no old ones at home - check out the liquidation places!)
(the canvas I had on hand was 24`x24`)
Girly decorative items (I had some mesh butterflies which had been hanging from the ceiling in Sophia`s room)
Removable wall stickers

Just follow the instructions shown here /2014/04/decorating-with-removable-wall-stickers.html.  And away you go creating your very own masterpiece!

But here are the instructions if like me you hate going back and forth:

First paint the canvas with your colour choice (you can use more than one colour and add stripes as another effect).   For this project you have to paint the outer edges to give a finished look since the 24" x 24" canvas may be too large too hang with ribbon.
Let the paint dry.
Now you are ready to decorate with removable wall stickers and the other decorations you have on hand. Hang on your wall, stand back and enjoy your masterpiece!

Note: I stuck the butterflies on with a push pin and put playdough on the back so the pins wouldn`t fall out unexpectedly and hurt little fingers or toes!
For those of you who noticed the Pink pom pom inbetween the canvases - I will be doing a tutorial on those in a later blog!

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