Apr 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

Before I had my own kids, I was the favoured Aunt to my nieces and nephews.  You know, the fun one, who was always there on special occasions, and Easter especially was one holiday they LOVED to see me....because they knew this meant an EASTER EGG HUNT was in the very foreseeable future!

I lived in British Columbia at the time and yes, like England it was usually raining (lol - I'm officially from England, which is who I likely will be cheering for in the World Cup FIFA! Go England!).......anywho, I would hide the eggs all over the house (and munch on a few to give me the energy boost!)...and it was soooo much fun watching their excited little faces running around, screaming and giggling at each new find!  I am so glad I had that opportunity with my niece and nephew because it prepared me for my own kiddos...and they LOVE THE EGG HUNT too....
The newest tradition we added for Easter Sunday is the Easter Bunny rings our doorbell (after lunch of course) and leaves Easter baskets for each kid on the doorstep - its amazing how much excitement this creates and how fast these kids run to get to the door to see if they can catch the Easter bunny!

What fun! We moms might be crazy but we do it so our kids have fun and have wonderful memories to look back on.

Happy Easter!
Quin xo

Note: In case you're wondering, I usually buy thing from the dollar store to fill the Easter baskets e.g. stickers, bubbles, colouring books.  Although Michaels had sticker books the other day for only $0.72 - what a steal right?!

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