Apr 18, 2014

Easter Baskets made with butchers twine!

Good Friday already and I am just about finished with our Easter baskets!

For some reason this idea of paper mache has stuck in my mind ever since my class did this in primary school (oooh i must have been about 10 at the time....wow thinking about that really makes me feel old especially since my oldest is 7!! haha).  It must have been a great craft though and I must have loved it which is why I want to share it with you today.
The glue used is the same as for paper mache (flour and water) but instead of using strips of old newspaper, this craft uses butcher's twine cut into smaller workable pieces.

The project is very rewarding once completed, but it does take some patience and I would not recommend using twine with little ones - they would have more fun using paper!

Here's the "nest" version I made - cute right? and very Easter!

I made a couple more baskets and each time it was easier to do and I was able to come up with these basket designs:

Here's what you will need:

Balloons - 1 balloon per basket and blown up to the size of basket you are making
Water (1.5 cups)
Flour  (1.0 cup)
Butcher's twine - cut into different lengths
Empty egg carton
Paint, paintbrush, flowers and ribbons to decorate the basket once fully dry
Finishing spray e.g. clear lacquer(optional)

Mix the flour and water really well so no (or very few) lumps remain.  Take one piece of twine and soak it in the flour mixture, using your fingers to take of any excess.  Wrap the twine around the balloon.  Repeat till your basket is complete.  Create a handle for your basket. To finish off the basket wrap around the top of the basket to hide the handle edges and to give the basket a finished look.
Oh yah, in case you forget, please remember to cover your working area with old newspaper/flyers!

Note: Wrapping the twine randomly around the balloon will create a nest like appearance as shown below (green basket).  This design was by far the kids favourite and a great spot for the Easter eggs and cute little baby chicks!

I dried my baskets sitting on top of an empty egg carton near an air vent (or somewhere warm will work just as well).  Mine took approximately 10-16 hours to dry completely.  Drying time all depends on the type of basket and how much flour glue you use.  For example, the weave basket took a lot of flour glue as I wanted to make sure it stuck well and I would occasionally smooth more glue over any edges that were lifting. Drying overnight would be best.

Once the basket is completely dry, it will amaze you how "rock solid" it is.  Now time to pop the balloon - it is so cool when the basket doesn't collapse once the balloon is gone! Amazing right?

Now to get the little ones to work, paint the baskets first (inside and out) to give them a finished look and decorate with ribbons and flowers.
If you plan on keeping the basket (which I hope you do!), you may want to spray it with a finishing lacquer after painting it.

AND Yes! this is a messy craft but you will sit back and LOVE your creation (and there are so many variations) and of course your kids will say "I Love That Mom!" :o)

As always, please email me if you have any questions, suggestions or comments!

Much Love
Quin xo

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