Apr 12, 2014

Decorating with removable wall stickers for your kids room (or any room in the house for that matter)

When Rochus was a baby (wow it seems so long ago now - he is nearly 6!) I came up with an idea to decorate his room  (and it subsequently carried through to Sophia's room, and our bedroom and then the living room, haha, yep I get pretty carried away once I'm onto a good thing!

A simple idea but oh my did it make his baby room look like something out of a designer magazine.

So here's what I did.....I had bought some wall stickers (on sale of course because I am a frugal shopper - more on my frugalness in another post!), and then waited till Michaels had their awesome sale on canvases, picked up some cute ribbon from Michaels sale bin and I was set.  A note on the wall stickers - these are awesome and come off easily and have never damaged any of my painted walls.

Here's what you will need:

Blank canvases (I used 3 size: 8"x10")
Paint colour (any colour you like)
Removable wall stickers
Modge Podge or Glue gun
Ribbon to cover the number of canvases (size of outer edges plus extra for overlap)

First paint the canvases with your colour choice (you can use more than one colour and add stripes as another effect).   You don't need to paint the outer edges but you can.
Let the paint dry - I know, painstaking watching paint dry right? So I just packed up the kids and went for a walk.  I didn`t want to ruin the perfectly painted canvas and end up with a mess.  It also prevented the little monkeys from putting their curious fingers all over the wet paint!

Next step is to get the correct length of ribbon needed, measure the outside lengths of the canvas and add them all together. For example, mine were 8+10+8+10 = 36".  Add an extra inch for overlap and an extra 2 inches for the "hanging bit". In total I needed 39".

Now put modge podge (or use glue gun) on 3 edges (this is where you choose how you want the finished product to hang (horizontal or portrait).  I decided to do portrait.  Make sure you start at the bottom edge. glue the ribbon down, and then along the next edge, do not glue down on the top edge, and lastly glue down the remaining edge, and finish off by gluing at the bottom and overlapping the ribbon already there.

Now you are ready to decorate with the removable wall stickers.  I only used some of the stickers as I still wanted some stickers on the wall. So what do you think? Easy Peasy right and so effective.

The great thing is you can change out the wall hanging stickers (and the wall stickers) anytime you want to match your childs next craze ``Oh please Mom I just have to have car decorations in my room``!
And the best thing is they will hug you and say ``I LOVE that Mom!`` giving you that Mommy glow :o)

Here's the same canvases I used above now changed to an automobile theme!

Also see /2014/04/repurposing-canvas-print.html


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