Apr 22, 2014

Cheese stringy waving monster thingy aka Windy Men/Wind dancers....

Have you seen those really tall skinny waving around cheesestringy looking thingys???? We see them all over the place - and ever since the kids were little they have oohed and ahhed at these mesmerizing thingys! Rochus especially used to laugh and laugh when he saw them and shout and clap with glee every time he saw one.  He LOVED them!
We named them cheese stringy monster thingys because of that ad on television for Cheesestrings where the giant Cheesestring walks around terrorizing everyone...you know the one right?...

I decided to do a bit of research and these cheesestring waving monster thingys do have other names:

Inflatable breezy geezers
Sky guys
Windy men
Sky dancers
Air/wind dancers
Wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube men

The "windy men" are supposed to imitate a person dancing excitedly and are meant to catch your attention - duh that's why they're used for advertising right!  Looking at these "windy men" is supposed to give the person that is looking at them a feeling of happiness and makes them feel something good is happening.  
Well, that explains the giggles and laughs from the kiddos! :o)

Check out this video which has our very own "Cheese stringy waving monster thingys!".

Totally cool right? The kids had so much fun watching them wave and sway. They even named them Sophia,Rochus and Pietr! Apparently the one who couldn't stop waving his arms was Rochus! (just for the record!).

Wanna make your own? Follow these really simple steps (seriously it takes only 10mins max!).

What you will need:

Thin vinyl tablecloth (used to cover tables at kids parties)
Empty toilet roll or paper towel roll
Glue Gun
A marker for the eyes and mouth or googly eyes or sticker eyes
Oh and most importantly, a heat vent that blows air (unfortunately if you live in a house without air vents this project may not be doable - sorry!)

Cut approximately 1.5" from the end of the empty paper towel roll.  Cut a rectangle shape from the tablecloth that will fit around the paper towel ring once with some overlap.  I cut my rectangles between 10-12".  Glue the paper towel ring to the tablecloth piece.  Glue the overlap and you should end up with a tube that looks like this:

Now cut two thin strips from the tablecloth that will be the arms - approx. 6-8". Stick the arms on the tube.

Now cut the top of the tube (opposite end from paper towel) into strips - this will be the hair.

Stick or draw on eyes, draw a mouth and you have your very own finished cheese stringy waving monster thingy! Prop them up on top of an air vent and away they go - filling your hearts with happiness and smiles on your faces. Now watch your kiddos imitating the waving arms! So much fun right?!

Much Love
Quin xo

Make It and Love It

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