Apr 30, 2014

Beautiful cards for any occasion

I have to admit I am a bit of a Martha Stewart fan - any time I have made one of her recipes or one of her crafts it turns out exactly as she promises! The food is delicious and the crafts are super cute!

I found these amazing critter cards on Martha Stewart's website and it even comes with free printables - all you need is your own paper and away you go.  Here`s the link:

The adorable little critters are all made from hearts which makes the cards even more special.  The kids and I made them for their Dad's birthday but I bet any Mom would love to receive these homemade cards for Mother's Day coming up on May 11th! Hint Hint ;o)
The cards turned out so beautifully that we ended up framing them and hanging them in Sophia's room!

Home made cards have become a family tradition in our home where everybody in the family makes a card for the special person (even little Pietr makes one and he's only 3!)!  Hmmm maybe this tradition started because the only thing I ever ask for is a card when its my special day!  There's just something so heartwarming about receiving a homemade card - so much thought goes into it.  I love how the kids try to spell out the words and even if it doesn`t make sense, it doesn`t matter, because its a card made with LOVE and I LOVE getting them!

Here's the cards as wall hangings, so cute right?  And very adorable in Sophia's room.

Want to make your own?  Click on this link:
http://www.marthastewart.com/271047/web-exclusive-critter-cards and print off the free printable template.

Here's what you will need:

Card stock of your choice
Jewels for the eyes
Modge Podge
Scissors and a stanley knife (aka utility knife)
Frames if you want to hang your creation (Mine were from Ikea)

Follow the instructions on the Martha Stewart website to create the cards.  Add jewels for the eyes and the card is ready to give to the special person in your life.  Get ready for the hugs and love as they will LOVE their card. 
Want to frame your card? Here's how:

Choose a piece of cardstock for the border around the card  and cut it to the size of frame you have.  Place your card on the back and draw an outline of the card in the position you like.

Now draw another outline within the card outline - this will be the card opening.

Now grab your stanley/utility knife and cut the inner border - you'll need a steady hand for this.  Using a ruler may be helpful in keeping the cut lines nice and straight!

And Voila! you now have a framed card!

Here's the beautiful cards framed and on Sophia's bedroom wall!  Beautiful, colourful, and just perfect for a little girls's room!

Now off you go and make some of your own for the special people in your life!

Much Love
Quin xo

Make It and Love It


  1. I love these! My family had the tradition of making cards for each other when I was growing up and now I do that with my own little family. It's so fun!

  2. Its so rewarding right? and it's so much fun watching their creativity grow as they get older and it keeps them busy! :o)


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