Jun 12, 2014

Not your average Father's Day T-shirt!

It is so exciting when a baby arrives, there are new emotions, new things to do, excitement about being a mom and a dad, the joy of a new life.  And of course, excitement about the many crafts you can do with your babies as they grow and learn.
Fathers Day is especially a biggie with the personalised T-shirts always being a sure winner! We had made a similar shirt to the one I am going to show when I only had two kids (Sophia was 2 and Rochus was 8 months or so).  The t-shirt was much loved and I am sad to say it isn't in great condition anymore but oh joy, the kids and I got to create a new one - we used the same wording but this time had to put the footprints on the back.  Who'd have thunk their feet were so big now compared to the itsy bitsy ones of a baby and a 2 year old!

See, look how happy the kiddos Dad is with his new T-shirt! He wears it with pride and gets a lot of chuckles from everyone!  And the kids are so proud of their footprints on Dad!

Jun 2, 2014

Create your own wrapping paper and sleep in!

Are your kids early risers? And does it always seem to happen at the weekends that they are up at the crack of dawn? Mine are definitely little monkeys and without fail every Saturday they are up by 7am! And some days I wish I could get just another hour of sleep especially on Saturday mornings!  Read on to see how I got an extra hour of sleep ;o)

May 7, 2014

Boy's (or girl's) dinosaur birthday party ideas

I thought I would share with you today the dinosaur party we had for Rochus last year in case it can give you some inspiration for creating a prehistoric one for your own little dinosaur lover.
I've always found it strange how these giant scary mean looking things are LOVED by kids? I don't get it - personally I am terrified and would never want to run into one lol (Thank goodness they're not around anymore!).  I remember watching Jurassic Park and being terrified (I was quite young though maybe early 20's  ahem!!).  My kids have watched Jurassic Park over and over again - we have been to the Dinosaurs Live exhibit at The Calgary Zoo and also to Jurassic Forest near Edmonton, oh and to The dinosaur museum in Drumheller and these kiddos cannot seem to get enough of these giant lizards!  So it was only fitting that we had a dinosaur party.

Here are the things we did to make the party ROAR!!!! And that's exactly what the kids did - they had a roaring good time - I even have a picture of the kids at the party shouting "Roar" at the top of their lungs - such an awesome memory for my 5 year old to have!